Bar and lounge

Bar stools - beautiful design

We have a wide range of furniture for bar and lounge areas. We supply, among other things, exclusive oak plank tables, both as café, dining and bar tables as well as bar stools and lounge furniture.
With our range you have the opportunity to create a stylish and comfortable setting for your guests, with quality and comfort in focus.

Tables - indoors and outdoors

We offer a wide selection of chairs for use both inside and outside.
We supply to café, restaurant, hotel, canteen, shop, office, conference room, waiting room, school, hall environment, home furnishing etc.

Our selection of dining chairs includes both classic dining and café chairs, lounge chairs and bar stools. We focus on comfort, quality and functionality. For us, it is important that a chair is good to sit in while being durable in use and easy to clean, maintain and store.

Lighting - Light is not just light

We have a wide range of lighting which plays a big role in our everyday lives. Light helps to create atmosphere, and therefore it is important with the right indoor lighting. All our lamps are used for hotels, clinics, cafes, shops etc. Everything requires the right lighting for the atmosphere to be just right.
See a selection from architects Wegner, Henning Koppel and Jørgen Gammelgård - classic modern design and aesthetics

Arts and Crafts - indoors and outdoors

We carry a wide selection of functional and beautiful applied art, which is thoroughly tested, non-toxic and and 100% environmentally friendly and therefore suitable for hotels, clinics, cafes and shops. Our range includes, among other things, applied art of polyurethane, which is durable, easy to maintain and clean. The material can withstand from 120 C to - 40 C and is dishwasher safe. See our large selection under applied art.

Textile - Plaid and pillows

With plaids and pillows, it is easy to create space for cosiness and relaxation, and at the same time add colors and patterns to the decor. That is why Danish Comfort has a selection of rugs and pillows for use in hotels, cafes, clinics etc. Plaids are made of 100% wool and pillows are woven in 100% cotton.