Clinic and waiting room

Ergonomic chairs - correct sitting position

The work in the clinic, in the office and in the reception often offers both static and stressful working positions. The right ergonomic chair supports and strengthens the body and allows for easy adaptation and variation of the working position.

Other chairs - furniture with style

Comfortable and durable chairs are an essential element in both waiting rooms, meeting rooms, staff rooms, receptions and more. We offer a wide selection of chairs and lounge chairs which are both elegant and made of durable and easy-to-maintain materials.

Lighting - Danish design

Pendulums have both functional and aesthetic significance for a space. Our selection of classic design pendants is characterized by functional design and quality materials, and is particularly suitable for staff rooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, receptions and more.

Art and Crafts - Danish design

Our range includes, among other things, applied art of polyurethane, which is elegant while being durable, easy to maintain and clean. The material is thoroughly tested, non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly. The material can withstand from 120 C to - 40 C and thus can withstand dishwasher as well as indoor and outdoor use.

Textiles - Plaid and pillows

Warmth and cosiness help to make the visit more pleasant. That is why Danish Comfort has a selection of blankets and pillows for use in the waiting room, clinic etc. Plaids are made of 100% wool and pillows woven in 100% cotton. We have a large selection and can customize pillows to your liking.