Ergonomic chairs

Danish Comfort offers a selection of ergonomic stools and chairs for use in institutions, schools, office, shop, warehouse, production, doctors, dentists, therapists as well as clinics, hairdressers etc.

Many different types of work offer stressful and static postures for shorter or longer periods. The right ergonomic chair both supports and strengthens the body and allows for easy adjusting and varying posture. An ergonomic chair is therefore one of the most important tools when it comes to preventing strain injuries.

Our chairs are equipped with different mechanisms that provide different ergonomic benefits. The chairs are made of durable quality materials and come with different types of wheels, including industrial wheels.

Other Chairs

Comfortable and durable chairs are an essential element in both offices, meeting rooms, staff rooms, receptions and more. We offer a wide selection of chairs and lounge chairs which are both elegant and made of durable and easy-to-maintain materials.

Table - Antibacterial

Danish Comfort offers a selection of table tops in laminate and linoleum. Find your very own table, desk, work table or we will tailor one for you. Table tops are available in many different sizes, models and variants. Material can vary from Oak, Plywood and MDF. Base can be adapted to each table top from wood, aluminum and powder-coated steel. See our selection under tables and different bases.

Lava furniture - Danish design

If you need a break in the office, the lava nests are the perfect place to immerse yourself. Handmade lava furniture is made of volcanic basalt fiber and creates its very own unique design and simplicity. The products are easy to maintain. All furniture can be left outside all year round and used for offices, receptions, gardens and more.


Pendulums have both functional and aesthetic significance for a space. Our selection of classic design pendants is characterized by functional design and quality materials, and is particularly suitable for staff rooms, meeting rooms and more.

Arts and Crafts- Office Supplies

Create cosiness and style with Danish design of polyurethane, which is durable, easy to maintain and clean. The material is thoroughly tested, non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly. Danish Comfort has a large selection of writing pads, pencil holders, flower pots etc. The material can withstand from 120 C to - 40 C and thus can withstand dishwasher as well as indoor and outdoor use.

Textiles - Plaid and pillows

Warmth and cosiness help to make the visit more pleasant. Danish Comfort a selection of rugs and pillows for use in the office and reception. Plaids are made of 100% wool and pillows woven in 100% cotton. We have a large selection and can customize pillows to your liking.

Play and learn- Cross and bun games

The one who first reaches three in a row wins
The classic cross and bun game as wall decoration, invites you to have fun while you enjoy your break / lunch in the canteen. Tic Tac Toe is made of matt black perspex, which is FKM approved and easy to clean.