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Interior - Ergonomics - Sensory products

For businesses, the public sector and private customers, we offer a large selection of ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, plank tables, outdoor furniture, etc. We develop unique niche sensory products and focus on aesthetics, comfort and quality. All our sensory products and seats are produced in our company.

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Senses & Motorics

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Danish Design

Danish Comfort is located in the scenic area of Hvorslev. In our own sewing room, we develop and produce sensory-stimulating products and seats for our chairs etc. All our products are developed with a focus on comfort, quality and functionality.

We select our materials with care, where we focus on the environment and sustainability. We use certified sand and small PP balls in all our sensory products. In addition, the material for our seats is PVC-free, phthalate-free and antibacterial.

Our table tops are Danish produced and FSC approved, where we offer a large selection of solid wood and laminate in many colors and sizes as well as special measurements. In addition, we develop furnishing solutions based on your values, where we tailor solutions that meet all your wishes and needs with consideration for the environment.