The 3 houses

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The modern play environment

Barrit SFO got their new playroom decorated – the 3 houses
From the first day of the meeting, we involve the customer in the project, where we listen and draw their wishes, to find the common thread. The project that Barrit SFO wanted was for the children to have a playroom where they could develop, play, a rest room, cook in the kitchen, shop in the supermarket or just have fun at the cafe.

Color and aesthetics
It is important for us in the institution that the children meet an aesthetic expression, where we have chosen some colors that play together, and they create learning environments with room for contemplation, experience and curiosity, but also visually calm environments. We have thought through it all the way from the first line drawing, warm beautiful colors in handmade materials from our carpenter, who performs beautiful details and elegant finishes on everything they make.

"There is no doubt that when we have a meeting with Danish Comfort, we can sit back calmly, as they are dutiful and deliver on time. From start to finish, we are involved in the entire process. Anja updates us regularly. , so we always sense how far we are in the process.When Danish Comfort comes to deliver the product, they have their own carpenter with them, who builds it all up.



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The process from start to finish